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Anonymous asked: Why do people who become friends with someone, move on and try to become with others who are friends with them? ( I see you are on my firends' page)


Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your question and will attempt to answer the question the best of my ability. Answering in my own words.

Personally I accept friends of the pages that fit my life style in which I am not afraid to share or express myself through a page.

Moving on to another friend through a friend is finding out to see if the person and yourself would share the same kind of life style.

Being on a friends page is the sole decision on each individual wanting to accept or not accept. There is many reasons for friends, pages, and acceptance. None the less we all need friends in the long run.

Just be careful and use caution where ever possible for the internet hides allot more then just friends. This also applies to the world in which we reside.

If I have answered your question, you will know I am a friend if I have not answered the question I will be a friend if you accept me has I would you.

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